Jennifer Daigle trained in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette and in New Orleans at Loyola University, having a Master of Science Degree. Through work with adults and adolescents on the inpatient units of DePaul-Tulane, and work with the residential substance abuse community of Addiction Recovery Resources of New Orleans, she acquired status as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), going on to become Program Coordinator of the residential substance abuse program. Her experience exceeds 15 years.

Now, having lived in the dry plains of Texas and the lush green of Louisiana, she has relocated in recent years to the beauty of North Carolina. Jennifer offers psychotherapy for individuals, couples therapy for couples of all kinds, marriage counseling, and mental health management in the comfortable, lovely private-practice setting of a refurbished Victorian house. It is her great pleasure to be able to utilize the environment of the Asheville area, finding both its natural and community resources to be wonderful healing tools. This fits her belief that true healing comes not merely from "fixing" singular problems, but in creating an overall healthy lifestyle that becomes its own source of therapy.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 
Albert Einstein, scientist


The Meaning in Art of Truth

Jennifer sees each client as an artist who is actively creating and is, thus, capable of recreating his or her life experience. Perception is reality, and we are incredibly powerful in the choice we have over our perceptions and reactions. We have all participated in, at one time or another, allowing our negative expectations, memories, or assumptions to influence our behavior in a way that seems to create what we most feared – a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just as we create negativity this way, we are able to focus our attention in ways that invite us to actually become the person we want to be. This is not magic, but awareness. And the truth is not merely a set of facts, but the application of choice in perception. Jennifer has chosen to name her counseling practice after this primary concept – the Art of Truth – as a way of honoring and calling forth the mental Michaelangelo in all of us.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstein, scientist and artist of the mind

Jennifer Daigle is a licensed counselor offering psychotherapy for individuals, couples therapy, and marriage counseling in a
lovely private practice setting in the heart of Asheville, NC. Call today to schedule your first appointment: 828-225-3040

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