Adult Outpatient Counseling Services

Clinical Assessment

Initial interview to assess needs, diagnose symptoms, explain available psychotherapy services, provide recommendations for treatment, and complete paperwork if applicable. This service is typically scheduled as a 1.5-hour meeting.

Individual Therapy

Counseling for behavioral and mental health issues, focusing on building skills that will improve overall quality of life and interaction with others in one's personal environment. Counseling sessions typically begin at one hour per week but may be altered according to the needs of the individual. This service also includes a limited amount of case management, including coordination with other professionals on the client's behalf, and the offer of contact with family or friends for education regarding how best to assist the client.

Family and Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy

Counseling for spouses/partners, parents and children, or anyone in relationship conflict. Both heterosexual and same-sex oriented partners are welcome. Though these sessions are geared toward conflict resolution, they also provide some focus on individualized issues and, when used as a secondary service for individual therapy, can provide education on the client's needs/symptoms that assist others in becoming more effective members of the client's support network. Sessions are typically planned as 1 hour on an as-needed basis. In addition to the couples’ component during initial assessment, each participant receives at least one individual half-hour meeting to assess personal needs.

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I accept some private insurance and out-of-pocket payments with accommodation for credit/debit cards, personal checks, and cash. If I am not in-network with your insurance company, I am happy to call your company for specification of out-of-network benefits which in many cases are very similar to the in-network benefits. In some cases where benefits are similar I can also accept what would have been your in-network co-pay. I am an in-network provider under:

A SLIDING FEE SCALE is available for out-of-pocket clients according to financial ability to afford counseling services. Options can be reviewed over the phone prior to initial assessment, geared toward making services affordable. This sliding fee scale is also available for clients already engaged in my services should their financial status alter due to job loss, etc. Your commitment to the counseling process is very important and I will do my best to honor it through to a point of resolution.

Please contact me directly for specification of fees according to your therapy needs.

Jennifer Daigle is a licensed counselor offering psychotherapy for individuals, couples therapy, and marriage counseling in a
lovely private practice setting in the heart of Asheville, NC. Call today to schedule your first appointment: 828-225-3040

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